Tom Williams
Graduate Research Assistant
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natural language dialogue
language grounding
pragmatic reasoning
dempster-shafer theory

tom williams and stephanie schreitter and saurav acharya and matthias scheutz (2015)
towards situated open world reference resolution
proceedings of the 2015 aaai fall symposium on ai and hri
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tom williams (2015)
towards more natural human-robot dialogue
proceedings of the human-robot interaction (hri) pioneers workshop
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tom williams and matthias scheutz (2015)
power: a domain-independent algorithm for probabilistic, open-world entity resolution
proceedings of iros
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tom williams and matthias scheutz (2015)
a domain-independent model of open-world reference resolution
proceedings of the 37th annual conference of the cognitive science society
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tom williams and gordon briggs and brad oosterveld and matthias scheutz (2015)
going beyond command- based instructions: extending robotic natural language interaction capabilities
proceedings of aaai
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tom williams and priscilla briggs and nathaniel pelz and matthias scheutz (2014)
is robot telepathy acceptable? investigating effects of nonverbal robot-robot communication on human-robot interaction
proceedings of 23rd ieee symposium on robot and human interactive communication (ro-man)
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tom williams and rafael c. nunez and gordon briggs and matthias scheutz and kamal premaratne and manohar n. murthi (2014)
a dempster-shafer theoretic approach to understanding indirect speech acts
advances in artificial intelligence
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evan krause and michael zillich and thomas williams and matthias scheutz (2014)
learning to recognize novel objects in one shot through human-robot interactions in natural language dialogues
proceedings of twenty-eighth aaai conference on artificial intelligence
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tom williams and rehj cantrell and gordon briggs and paul schermerhorn and matthias scheutz (2013)
grounding natural language references to unvisited and hypothetical locations
proceedings of twenty-seventh aaai conference on artificial intelligence, 947-953
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matthias scheutz, gordon briggs, rehj cantrell, evan krause, tom williams, and richard veale (2013)
novel mechanisms for natural human-robot interactions in the diarc architecture
proceedings of aaai workshop on intelligent robotic systems
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