Rachael (Rehj) Cantrell
Graduate Research Assistant
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natural language processing in embodied situated agents
tom williams and rehj cantrell and gordon briggs and paul schermerhorn and matthias scheutz (2013)
grounding natural language references to unvisited and hypothetical locations
proceedings of twenty-seventh aaai conference on artificial intelligence, 947-953
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evan krause, rehj cantrell, ekaterina potapova, michael zillich, and matthias scheutz (2013)
incrementally biasing visual search using natural language input
proceedings of aamas, 31--38
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matthias scheutz, gordon briggs, rehj cantrell, evan krause, tom williams, and richard veale (2013)
novel mechanisms for natural human-robot interactions in the diarc architecture
proceedings of aaai workshop on intelligent robotic systems
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r. cantrell and e. potapova and e. krause and m. zillich and m. scheutz (2012)
incremental referent grounding with nlp-biased visual search
proceedings of aaai 2012 workshop on grounding language for physical systems
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rehj cantrell and kartik talamadupula and paul schermerhorn and j. benton and subbarao kambhampati and matthias scheutz (2012)
tell me when and why to do it!: run-time planner model updates via natural language instruction
proceedings of the 2012 human-robot interaction conference
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matthias scheutz and rehj cantrell and paul schermerhorn (2011)
toward humanlike task-based dialogue processing for human robot interaction
ai magazine, 32, 4, 77--84
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rehj cantrell and paul schermerhorn and matthias scheutz (2011)
learning actions from human-robot dialogues
proceedings of the 2011 ieee symposium on robot and human interactive communication
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s. kuebler and r. cantrell and m. scheutz (2011)
actions speak louder than words: evaluating parsers in the context of natural language understanding systems for human-robot interaction
proceedings of ranlp, 56--62
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rehj cantrell and matthias scheutz and paul schermerhorn and xuan wu (2010)
robust spoken instruction understanding for hri
proceedings of the 2010 human-robot interaction conference, 275--282
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